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Welcome to the 2019 Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo!  With over 2000 attendees at our first 2018 event, we can promise you an enthusiastic and interested audience for your product. We definitely want your business at our expo, and once again sites are FREE for exhibitors. 


Mark Bailey, MInister for Transport, opened our 2018 event, and exhibitors had a great opportunity to meet with him and speak about their products.  Check out this video of his opening remarks.


As an electric vehicle supplier, you already know that the market is changing rapidly, and electric transport is now available for a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, e-bikes, buses and even scooters and skateboards!


The Expo is an exciting opportunity to promote awareness of your products to the general public, business and local government, and we encourage you to register early.  

We look forward to your participation in the Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo, where you can showcase your products to a receptive market.  You can download our detailed Exhibitor Information pack here and we are available to answer any additional questions you may have either by email or phone on 0407116105.



Want to register as an exhibitor at the Expo?  Just download our Registration Form and email back to us.